We've created an interactive timeline showing the history of mobile phone sales from 1997 until the present day. In the timeline you'll see various events such as phone launches and operating system releases showing how they've impacted the overall sales of phones.

Sliding the black bar on the graph below from side to side will reveal the events and the time periods they occurred in. We've also created "Start" and "Stop" buttons so you can watch the history of phone sales and event unfold in front of you. Enjoy the show.

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Apr 2013 - Samsung Galaxy S4 becomes the 58th Galaxy phone Source
Mar 2013 - China phone sales up 7.5% whilst the rest of the world sees decline Source
Feb 2013 - Sony Xperia Z released as company's new flagship phone Source
Jan 2013 - 50% more Android handsets compared to just 12 months before Source
Nov 2012 - Newly formed EE launch UK 4G adverts featuring "centre of everything" Kevin Bacon Source
Sep 2012 - iPhone 5 released Source
Sep 2012 - iOS 6 released to outrage over maps Source
Sep 2012 - BlackBerry ship 200 millionth handset, 18 months after shipping the 100 millionth Source
Aug 2012 - 20 millionth Samsung Galaxy S3 sold Source
Jul 2012 - Android "Jelly Bean" released Source
Jun 2012 - Windows Phone "Tango" released Source
May 2012 - Samsung Galaxy S3 released Source
Apr 2012 - Man stabbed at Jessie J BlackBerry event Source
Feb 2012 - Sony Xperia S released as company's first solo flagship model Source
Feb 2012 - Sony buy Ericsson's share of Sony Ericsson Source
Jan 2012 - Lumia 900 released and wins "Best Smartphone" upon announcement at CES2012 Source
Oct 2011 - Android Ice Cream Sandwich released Source
Oct 2011 - iPhone 4S released Source
Oct 2011 - Samsung Galaxy Note released with massive 5.3 inch touchscreen Source
Sep 2011 - Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" released Source
Aug 2011 - Steve Jobs hands Apple reigns to Tim Cook Source
Aug 2011 - BBM blamed for key role in London riots Source
Aug 2011 - Nokia tumble to 7th in smartphones sales Source
Jun 2011 - iOS 5 released Source
May 2011 - Samsung Galaxy S2 released Source
Feb 2011 - Android "Honeycomb" released Source
Feb 2011 - Nokia and Windows join forces Source
Dec 2010 - Android "Gingerbread" released Source
Oct 2010 - Windows Mobile replaced by Windows Phone 7 Source
Aug 2010 - "white-box" manufacturers expand strong sales to Russia, Africa and Latin America Source
Jul 2010 - HTC Evo 4G released as first 4G phone for US market Source
Jul 2010 - RIM surrender lead in smartphone sales to Apple Source
Jun 2010 - iOS 4 released Source
Jun 2010 - iPhone 4 released Source
May 2010 - Android "Froyo" released Source
Apr 2010 - Android takes over from iOS as third most popular operating system Source
Jan 2010 - "white-box" handsets hugely successful in emerging markets Source
Nov 2009 - BlackBerry 9700 released with a trackpad, replacing the favoured trackball Source
Aug 2009 - BlackBerry 8520 released as budget smartphone Source
Jul 2009 - HTC Hero released being recognised for it's simple and stylish Android UI Source
Jun 2009 - iOS 3 released Source
Jun 2009 - iPhone 3GS released putting name guessing game to bed Source
Jun 2009 - Samsung Galaxy (i7500) released using Android operating system Source
Nov 2008 - BlackBerry Storm released with full touchscreen and no QWERTY keypad Source
Oct 2008 - Google Android makes first appearance in US market on HTC Dream Source
Aug 2008 - Samsung Instinct released as budget rival to iPhone Source
Jul 2008 - Nokia 5800 XpressMusic the phone of choice for the "The Dark Knight" Source
Jul 2008 - iPhone 3G released, first iPhone with 3G compatibility Source
May 2008 - Recession sees consumers favouring mid-range phones Source
Mar 2008 - Smartphones account for 11% of all phone sales Source
Oct 2007 - LG Viewty released with 5MP camera Source
Jun 2007 - iPhone released spawning queues at Apple stores worldwide Source
Jun 2007 - HTC Touch released at event in Leicester Square Source
May 2007 - LG Prada released, immediately winning "Best of the Best" at Red Dot Awards Source
Mar 2007 - LG Shine released with unique "mirror" casing Source
Jan 2007 - iPhone announced by Steve Jobs Source
Aug 2006 - BlackBerry Pearl released with miniature trackball for mouse-like navigation Source
Aug 2006 - LG Chocolate released focusing on style Source
May 2006 - Gartner report Sony Ericsson's Walkman gamble is reason behind strong performance Source
Mar 2006 - Mobile phones outpace PC sales at ratio of 4:1 Source
Feb 2006 - BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) launched Source
Aug 2005 - Google buys Android Source
Jul 2005 - Motorola Q released with full QWERTY keypad; dubbed "BlackBerry killer" Source
Jul 2005 - HTC Universal released as pocket PC featuring 3G Source
May 2005 - Nokia 6680 released featuring 3G Source
Jul 2004 - Nokia 7610 released featuring 1MP camera Source
Jul 2004 - Motorola RAZR V3 released as a "fashion" phone Source
Oct 2003 - Nokia 7600 released, the company's 2nd attempt at a 3G handset Source
May 2003 - BlackBerry 7210 released as the first colour screen PDA Source
Mar 2003 - Three network launched in UK for 3G only handsets Source
Jan 2003 - BlackBerry 7000 series launched introducing "push-emails" to market Source
Aug 2002 - Colour screens are the reason mobile phone industry recovers from slump Source
Jan 2002 - "Minority Report" show us the future with Nokia 7650 Source
Dec 2001 - Sony Ericsson T68 released as company's first colour screen phone Source
Oct 2001 - Ericsson partner with Sony to form Sony Ericsson Source
Jan 2001 - Siemens S45 released with GPRS Source
Jan 2001 - Windows prepare to dominate growing mobile market with Windows Mobile Source
Jan 2001 - Ericsson T39 released featuring bluetooth technology Source
Jan 2001 - Nokia 5510 released with full QWERTY keypad Source
Jan 2001 - Nokia 8310 released featuring infrared, FM Radio, Calendar and many more "smartphone" features Source
Nov 2000 - Sharp J-SH04 released featuring built-in camera Source
Jan 2000 - Smaller phone manufacturers enter the game with eyes fixed on China Source
Dec 1999 - Nokia 8110i chosen to feature in the film "The Matrix" Source
Oct 1999 - Nokia 7110 released featuring WAP Source
Jun 1999 - Ericsson T28 released as world's slimmest phone due to advancement in battery technology Source
Feb 1999 - Gartner informs world that digital mobile phone sales surpass analog for first time in history Source
Jan 1999 - Motorola v3688 released during London Fasion Week claiming the title of smallest phone in the world Source
Jan 1999 - Nokia 3210 released with no external antenna Source
Jan 1998 - Nokia 6110 released with main focus on business customers Source
Jan 1998 - Nokia 5110 released as company's personalisation rival to Ericsson GA628 Source
Mar 1997 - Ericsson GA628 released as first personalisation handset Source
Jan 1997 - Motorola MR201 released as Orange branded PAYG phone Source