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  • Get unlock codes specific to your network

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One of the world's best known companies and popular internet search engine originally entered the mobile phone industry in 2010 with the Nexus One, with only a few additions to that Nexus series since. They are however more popular in the phone industry for their extremely popular mobile operating system, Android.

Android is now featuring on most of the leading handsets released by companies such as Samsung and HTC in their flagship models. This helps Google understand more about how people are using mobile phones, which has aided them with their own range of handsets. It will likely also shape the companies strategy with Motorola, which Google recently acquired.

All the handsets under the Google umbrella operate with the Android software, making them extremely easy to unlock. Android have made unlocking easy for people to understand and complete by incorporating an automatic control in the phone which prompts you for the unlock code as soon as a SIM card is put into the phone that it doesn't work with. This is when you enter the unlock code that we have sent you.

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How To Unlock

  1. Insert a NON-ACCEPTED SIM card in the Google phone and turn it on
  2. The phone may ask for a PIN number, which you should type in
  3. When requested for the unlock code, enter it
  4. The phone will accept this code and now be unlocked